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Referees Exam

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***** Welcome to the Congleton Pool League *****



*****     SEASON  2022/23     ***** 


  1.      Fri        5th Aug ----------- Hand  In  Proposals.
  2.      Mon   15th Aug -----------  Agenda  distrubuted to venues for A.G.M..
  3.      Sun    4th Sept ------------  Team  Registration  Meeting at the Cricket Club ( 7.00 pm ).
  4.      Sun    4th Sept  -----------  A.G.M  at the Cricket Club ( 7.45 pm ).
  5.      Wed     5th Oct  -----------  Start of New Season.


If you want to change anything concerning the Congleton Pool League it must be done at at AGM or a S.G.M.  This can only be done if you enter a proposal which will then be discussed and then voted on at the A.G.M.  Annual General Meeting.  Proposal Form can be down loaded from here (See Proposal Form tab in Quick Links column) and more importantly hand in no later than the Friday 5th August.

The proposal will then be attached the the Agenda for the meeting and distributed to your team / venue by the 15th August for you to look at all the proposal which will be discussed at the A.G.M.



you can now take the exam at home. Click on the Referee's Exam tab on the left hand side of the web page and follow the instructions, Once you have completed all four sections you will be sent a final email to inform you of your final score and a graded result pass mark.

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