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***** Welcome to the Congleton Pool League *****



  1.     1st  May  ----------  Doubles  Semi Final.
  2.     5th  May  ----------  SUMMER  LEAGUE  FORMS  OUT.
  3.     6th  May  ----------  3 - A - Side  Semi Final.
  4.     8th  May  ----------  9  Ball  Semi Final.
  5.   13th  May  ----------  Ladies  Singles.
  6.   15th  May  ----------  Open  Singles  Semi Final.
  7.   15th  May  ----------  Silverplate  Semi Final.
  8.   20th  May  ----------  SUMMER  LEAGUE  FORMS  IN.
  9.   20th  May  ----------  Div 2 & 3  Singles  Semi Final.
  10.   22th  May  ----------  10  Ball  Smash.
  11.   27th  May  ----------  Speed  Pool.


The LADIES  SINGLES  KNOCKOUT  will take place on MONDAY 13th MAY at the UNICORN at 7.00pm. The competition is open to any lady who wishes to take part. Entry Fee is £2.00. If you wish to enter please contact ELISA HANCOCK on 07500 007561 ASAP to register.

Perpetual  Trophies  Returned.

Teams were asked to kindly return any perpetual trophies that were won last year, as of this moment i have received one. PLEASE  can you return these trophies as time is running out FAST.

Referee's  Exam

The referee's exam is now live on the website so you can now take the exam at home. Click on the Referee's Exam tab on the left hand side of the web page and follow the instructions, Once you have completed all four sections you will be sent a final email to inform you of your final score and a graded result pass mark.

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