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The Congleton Pool League was established on the 25th March 1979 by a group of people including John Tonge, Brian Whitehurst, John Booth, John Owens, Les Lee, Bob Proctor and Kev Foster. They tried to enter the Macclesfield League but were refused so they organised a meeting at the unicorn one friday evening and so the league was born.

Many of the venues then, are still in the league today although some venues such as the Duke of Wellington, Royal Oak, and the Rose & Crown Arclid are no longer pubs never mind still in the league.

In the early days we were very much involved with outside competitions such as the Super-League, Cheshire County and even England Trials, which pushed our players to even greater heights. Now we are much more of a home based league.

The league, at this present time has two Leagues a Winter and a Summer although the Summer is more of a fun league with relaxed rules.

The currant Winter League has 22 teams entered and is run over two divisions, showing that we are still managing to provide Congleton with a superb league.

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