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Special General Meetings

After a recent problem regarding a team signing more than two players from out of town we have had to re-word the constitution so we need to call a Special General Meeting to let you all know. This meeting is now being held on Sunday 3rd January 2016.


Below is section 6 from our Constitution.




(a)    Membership to the league will be on a team basis.

(b)   Applications to the league shall be done at a registration meeting and accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

(c)    When registering a team for membership, teams must be able to demonstrate that they can provide appropriate and satisfactory facilities for participation in the league.

(d)   Applications should be made in writing on the registration form (which can be downloaded from our website 22 (a) and should state the teams Venue, Name of Team, the teams Captain and the Names, addresses and if possible the Phone Numbers of the rest of the players in the team. Once the team is accepted these players become registered to that team. The minimum age of a registered player is usually 18 at the time of registration, but they can play at 16 with the consent of the landlord/lady of the venue concerned. The completed registration form, along with all relevant monies must be given to the fixtures secretary on the registration night. The committee has the power to accept late applications due to exceptional circumstances.

(e)    A team must register a minimum of 6 players to constitute a team. No team may register more than two players that are normally resident outside the district of Congleton, eg:-Not a ( 01260 ) telephone prefix or a ( CW12 ) postcode except if they are classed as being “Home Based” see 6 (f) However, with the approval of the committee a team / player from outside the district may be admitted to the league if in doing so it is not detrimental to the league.

(f)    A player who resides outside the district but has played in the league for two consecutive years shall be classed as being “Home Based” this entitling them to play. A home based player may take upto 2 tears absence from the league before losing their home based status.

(g)    Once a player is registered they can only play for the team they registered for unless they transfer to another team. “See Transfers and New Registrations.

(h)   Only registered players may partake in the league fixtures.

(i)     Only registered players may partake in competitions run by the league unless the competition is classed as being open to un-registered players.

(j)     The committee shall have the power to rescind membership of any team or player.

(k)   Each team registered must have at least 1 player who has passed the Referee’s Exam, this must be achieved by no later than 2 months after the Team Registration date. Failure to adhere will resort in the team being fined as per the constitution 11 (a) (Cat 3). For each month the team does not have a qualified referee will be the same as for each offence.


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